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Sport Massage

Soft tissue therapy can be defined as the ‘management, manipulation, and rehabilitation of the body’s soft tissues ‘ e.g our muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.It is a very specialised skill and your therapist will use their excellent palpation skills to identify sites or areas for specific attention. They can then tailor specific treatment plan, unique to you as an individual combining other evidence based techniques.

Soft tissue abnormalities may be caused by an array of factors, including a faulty posture, adverse biomechanics, repetitive strain a sporting trauma fatigue or simply every day activities. We at Ocean Therapy believe you DO NOT have to be a sportsperson to receive a from a treatment absolutely everyone (providing there are no contraindications preventing treatment) can benefit.

Some of the benefits of a Soft tissue treatment: May help to reduce pain, improve your flexibility and range of movement, remodel scar tissue, assist in mental and physical preparation for any sport, and will have a generally positive effect on your wellbeing.

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